Mercury Combust, now you see me, now “cazimi”

On 12 September 2016, as Mercury exactly aligns with the Sun at 23h30 GMT (01h30 RSA time 13 Sept), we call it not merely a conjunction, but a total “Combust”. So if you want to harness a mindset that’s on fire, a mental state that’s fired up, “combustable” or ready to exhibit spontaneous combustion, then […]

Triple Alignment of Retrograde Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo – Aug 2016 – the Three Wise Men do it again

The triple conjunction (stellium) of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter this month is a moderately rare opportunity to see the three planetary bodies close together in the night sky on the western horizon just after sunset. Mercury and Venus are close all month and eventually Venus exactly conjuncts Mercury as the latter slows to his stationary […]

Mars conjunct Saturn square Neptune – when the going gets tough, the tough call your bluff

As Saturn grinds to a halt in its retrograde motion on 13 August, and remains pretty much stationary during this month at around nine to ten degrees of Sagittarius, Mars will come to an exact conjunction with it on the 24th marking a time of hard realities where biting the bullet may be the only […]

Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo – the Lion that purred

Now although small and fleeting, this weekend’s conjunction of Mercury, the planet of communication with Venus, the planet of love in fiery, creative Leo signifies a few days of healthy heartfelt emotions which can be expressed in word, song, dance and art. With the Sun and the lunar waxing fortnight still emphasizing the Cancer theme […]

Mercury combust opposition Pluto part 2 – Hillary Clinton email scandal judged by the FBI

Hillary Clinton’s email scandal being defended by the FBI is a third bombshell – after the damning Chilcot Report and feeble Oscar Pistorius sentence – that has exploded over the past 48 hours of the current Mercury combust in opposition to Pluto now. Sun conjunct or combust Mercury is visible in the drama of this […]

Mercury combust opposition Pluto – seeing our shadow for what he is

As Mercury crosses over the Sun now (occurring six times a year) it is considered combust, a term used for a planet that conjuncts the Sun. Simultaneously this Sun-Mercury combination is one degree away from a direct opposition to Pluto, marking a time now that sees the truth come out and the “combustion” it caused […]