Lucid Dreaming on Mercury Station direct, Equinox Sept 2016

Mercury the winged Messenger, and symbolic link between the conscious and  unconscious mind, can bring psychological breakthroughs on the Stationary days at the start and especially end of his retrograde cycle. Here is a recent breakthrough example. Advertisements

Life’s a Marathon Comrades – the horoscope of a marathon mind

This weekend’s Earthy Grand Trine coincides with the Mutable Grand Cross mentioned in a previous post. It also coincides with one of the most grueling athletic events in South Africa, if not the world, namely the Comrades Marathon. This marks the second Earthy Grand Trine this month, the first being when the Sun and Moon […]

Mercury Retrograde with New Moon in Taurus: It’s not depression – you’re just demoralized, and it’s deliberate

As the current Mercury Retrograde in earthy Taurus allows us to direct our mental faculties inwardly, and the Taurus New Moon allows both inner and outer modes of consciousness, rational and instinct, head and heart, to align for a moment, we can ask ourselves why it is that mental vulnerability is so on the increase. […]

Knowing thyself – Comparative systems of personality categorization

Astrology is popular because people like to know about themselves. There is an inherent desire to know ourselves, whether ego-driven or soul driven in the quest for self-actualization, and the 12 character divisions in the zodiac give us a ready system by which to explore our natures systematically, at least on the material plane. Discovering […]

Aries and the leader within

Both western (Tropical) and Vedic (Siderial) astrology place the Sun in the cardinal fire sign of Aries now. Being the first sign of the zodiac, the Aries archetype is traditionally affiliated with the leader, the first, the head. Aries provides competitiveness, the “me first” attitude that drives the athlete or military type or executive to […]

What is astrology really – an existential deconstruction.

Amongst astrologers – as amongst lawyers – there is no truth, only opinion. Even in science, half of what is being taught today will become irrelevant or actually incorrect in a few years. This is particularly true of the social sciences like psychology and sociology. And astrology may want to fit itself into that category. […]