Modern Day Slavery – Why Mother India Abuses Her Own Children

Why is it that India has the highest recorded incidence of modern day slavery of all countries in the world today? What has happened to the home of Dharma? Only five countries account for the vast majority of human slavery in the world today, and they are in East Asia. With its high population China […]

The Uranus square Pluto era and the global rise of right wing nationalism – India

The upheaval and revolution of the recent Uranus square Pluto era was predicted, but not many saw this global wave of Ultra-conservative Right-wing Nationalism coming. As drawbridges go up and Nationalist governments clamp down, from Europe to Turkey, USA to RSA, a wave of red is crashing on the shores of almost every major nation […]

Mars trine Neptune to comprehend the meaning of compassion

The current favourable alignment between Mars and Neptune is the classic arrangement needed to facilitate the imagination and intuition. It should allow us to become more sensitive to the feelings, moods and needs of those around us. As a result the urge to assist those in need can arise now. Whether it is the needs […]

New Moon in Sagittarius, what happened to my Guru?

Today’s New Moon occurs as the Moon aligns with the Sun in the fire sign of Sagittarius. The ruling planet of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is known in Jyotish or Vedic astrology as Guru, and Jupiter is currently making a square or 90 degree alignment to the New Moon luminaries today. In other words philosophical debates, particularly […]