Moon conjunct Venus activating the Neptune trine means protecting our Mother Earth

Here is a focus on invoking our compassion for Mother Earth Gaia and the Feminine Archetype, as Moon and Venus conjunct in Scorpio, activating the ongoing trine to Neptune. The watery trine stimulates our emotional resonance with defending the Earth in her time of need.Notice the triple alignment of Moon, Venus and Lilith in Scorpio […]

The Right to Consciousness

Part of introspection or self-analysis, is to take ownership of our actions. By becoming self-aware we are taking ourselves out of a life of unconscious behaviour lived on automatic pilot under the influence of excess passion or ignorance. Blissful consciousness is the goal. As humans we all have the gift of self-consciousness. However, many of […]

Freedom Day but for whom? The slavery never ended compatriots

With the focus on International Earth Day this week and Independence Day today for my fellow Rainbow Nation comrades, the earth, the land and our place on it have been recurring themes now. “Freedom Day” is the actual label for today’s public holiday, the day we celebrate our freedom gained 22 years ago from the […]

Earth Day on Full Moon April 2016 – feeling the heat

The recent full moon of April 22 happened to be a momentous day for our beloved, yet ailing Planet Earth, for it just happened to be the annual “Earth Day” event.   Although founded in 1970 already, it seems as if humanity is finally waking up to the idea that our Earth also desperately needs […]

Sun and Mars aspect Uranus for a true revolution in consciousness

With Uranus receiving a simultaneous trine from the Sun and opposition from Mars this week, the revolutionary tendency is likely to be very evident. Interest in new techniques as well as new technology may present us with an opportunity to upgrade our lives in some way. New and stimulating social exchanges and ideas should also […]