Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo – the Lion that purred

Now although small and fleeting, this weekend’s conjunction of Mercury, the planet of communication with Venus, the planet of love in fiery, creative Leo signifies a few days of healthy heartfelt emotions which can be expressed in word, song, dance and art. With the Sun and the lunar waxing fortnight still emphasizing the Cancer theme […]

Modern Day Slavery – Why Mother India Abuses Her Own Children

Why is it that India has the highest recorded incidence of modern day slavery of all countries in the world today? What has happened to the home of Dharma? Only five countries account for the vast majority of human slavery in the world today, and they are in East Asia. With its high population China […]

The Right to Consciousness

Part of introspection or self-analysis, is to take ownership of our actions. By becoming self-aware we are taking ourselves out of a life of unconscious behaviour lived on automatic pilot under the influence of excess passion or ignorance. Blissful consciousness is the goal. As humans we all have the gift of self-consciousness. However, many of […]

Mercury still conjunct Pluto exposing the hidden truth for all

Since Mercury is at its slowest now during the stationary phase, it has languished at the same degree or two of the zodiac for the entire last week of January. And that very position happens to be precisely conjunct Pluto. So although I have mentioned the Mercury – Pluto conjunction this past week in a […]