Saturn Uranus cycles – and the future of money is on the Blockchain

Regardless of what your view is on astrology, both Vedic or Western, Siderial or Tropical,  or even if astrology is even valid, I highly recommend this video discussion by top futurist astrologer William Stickevers, where he gives credence to cycles. Timing is everything, everything is cyclic, and by studying the cycles of history and aligning […]

Moon conjunct Venus activating the Neptune trine means protecting our Mother Earth

Here is a focus on invoking our compassion for Mother Earth Gaia and the Feminine Archetype, as Moon and Venus conjunct in Scorpio, activating the ongoing trine to Neptune. The watery trine stimulates our emotional resonance with defending the Earth in her time of need.Notice the triple alignment of Moon, Venus and Lilith in Scorpio […]

Lucid Dreaming on Mercury Station direct, Equinox Sept 2016

Mercury the winged Messenger, and symbolic link between the conscious and  unconscious mind, can bring psychological breakthroughs on the Stationary days at the start and especially end of his retrograde cycle. Here is a recent breakthrough example.