Invocation for the New Year

A Happy and heavenly festive season hang in there during these hectic weeks. Here’s my latest recipe for a good one.

Astrology Centaurs solar system
Some of the heavenly bodies nearby in our solar system

Tap in but know when to tap out. Rock on but know when to knock off. Play on but know when you’re playing off. Be true to yourself as you realize your Self. Be honest and modest and on point while to the point. It’s all yours ‘cos it’s all ours, descendants included nobody excluded so play it forward as you pay it forward, for we’re all in together forever whatever, we’ll weather together much more than we ever endure on our own, so love with thy neighbour as we live with our neighbour; there’s no other way, today is the day, the only day, the only now; so just see how, Thy will be done for everyone.


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