Mutable T-square between the Eclipses

Look at Jupiter, currently retrograde, in mutable Virgo, not moving very fast now, and having been close to North Node /Rahu for quite some weeks, and all during this two week period between the solar eclipse just passed and the lunar eclipse to come. Jupiter, now in Virgo resonates with health, purification, cleaning up, refining, perhaps even specialising in some field. All these are favoured for the next few months, until Jupiter moves into Libra later this year in September. And while Jupiter is in retrograde our focus is turned more inward, on ourselves, on finding answers within ourselves, and healing or purification if required. There is so much that can be said about health and healing from various sources – as to which doctor or therapy might work for you, which philosophy; well during a retrograde the opportunity to look within to find that Jupiter archetype arises. The Rahu influence, with the North Node being so close to Jupiter, may occlude or somehow hide the beneficial Jupiter influence from us…By Jasomatinandan Das Julian Horack

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