New Moon and the Chinese New Year

mayan calenderThe new moon today marks the New Year in China, who for thousands of years have maintained a unique lunar calender of 12 years in length. Every year of the 12 years is designated a different animal in the cycle of 12. So today it’s good bye to the year of the sheep/goat and hello to the monkey. Added to that are the 5 various elements of wood, water, fire, earth and metal, so that there are 5 different variations of the 12 animal years, making a total of 60 different annual characters. A system that incorporates a 60 year cycle into their calender must be quite advanced, much like that of the Mayan civilization, with its multi-level calender that stretches over millennia. Curiously the 12-year cycle is just like that of Jupiter who takes 12 years to circle the Sun, although there is no direct correlation. A calender that combines both solar and lunar aspects into its timing and measurement, like that of the Vedic, Hebrew and Chinese to name a few, is far superior to that of our western exclusively solar calender…by Jasomatinandan das Julian Horack

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