Mercury stationary aligns with the Uranus – Pluto square

332856_10151075985540096_720170095_22621758_301557588_oWith Mercury finishing its retrograde phase today, the winged messenger spends the 25th at a standstill before going direct or moving forward again in the zodiac. This stationary direct position for the day is considered potentially favourable for all who wish to harness the moment to their advantage. It’s a curious coincidence that Mercury makes this momentary pause within one degree of an exact conjunction with Pluto, which is still within orb of its own long-standing square to Uranus. As we speak, large swathes of the USA have come to their own type of standstill too, as formidable snow storms lock down the mobility of millions in a multi-state state of emergency, if that makes sense. And with the States in a state, and everyone going nowhere, the global economy is also at a type of standstill, in some countries more so than others. Emerging economies like Brazil, Russia and our own South Africa are on the brink of – or have just entered into- an economic recession. That means the economy is not growing but actually shrinking from one year to the next. And it may take more than just Mercury’s direct motion to get these economies into motion again…by Julian Horack Jasomatinandan Das

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