Venus trine Uranus to meet the man of the moment

alchemy mandala blueHey the good news is that Venus is slowly moving out of the sombre shadow of Saturn and into a harmonious trine or 120 degree angle to Uranus. That should fire up our social life once again for a day or two. It gives the inclination to enjoy life, as opposed to feeling it to be a burden thrust upon us by some cruel twist of fate. Happiness is there for the making and it is yours for the taking. Uranus of course may make our pursuit incline a little toward the new and original side. It can facilitate new encounters with interesting people. Uranus adds that inventive, original, progressive, avant garde aspect to our inclinations today. Some might even see the odd stranger in multi-coloured pantaloons that you bring home for tea as quite eccentric, but he may be the computer programmer from down the road who might just be able to spark new life into your old and doddering computer, for example. Uranus can be seen as a magician sometimes, who works wonders in the field we may see as magic, but which is actually simply a science we do not know about yet…by Julian Horack Jasomatinandan Das

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