Venus conjunct Saturn and the test of time

buddhist monkAs Venus the archetypal planet of relationship exactly aligns with Saturn in the same place in the zodiac today, the influence of the latter can affect our relationships in noticeable ways. Saturn tends to slow things down, dry them out or add a serious, heavy or mature influence to whatever it touches. As a result we may need to be willing to make concessions or compromises to get what we want this weekend. A willingness to make adjustments will be helpful. There may be some degree of restriction or dissatisfaction regarding relationships, a feeling of obligation or even worse, exploitation, as if you are giving more than the other person in your exchanges. This can, on the other hand, actually be a fortunate influence for relationships with older people, those in authority or parents, for example. Some may just feel isolated or lonely though as Saturn dries up the juice of any sociability. Certainly this is not an outgoing or social influence at all, yet it can favour long-standing relationships of loyalty with a rare choice person perhaps, or meetings with elders, so there is hope…by Julian Horack Jasomatinandan Das

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