Mercury square Mars so keep a cool head

old alchemy astrologer 3Mercury is in a square (90 degree) alignment to Mars this week, suggesting that the actions of the mind and speech may be energised to the point of being potentially overactive and somewhat heated. An energised mind is great if you can find a healthy outlet, otherwise the tendency to argument and an opinionated stance may arise. If you need to defend your stance or fight for a cause, like a lawyer or some such campaigner you may be able to benefit from this alignment, but if you’re amongst friends and family then just be careful not to get into a needless heated debate about something unnecessary or insignificant. You don’t want to ruin the friendship just because someone moved your cheese. The problem is that you may come to a conclusion as to who moved your cheese based on inconclusive evidence or unwarranted suspicion, thus jumping down the throat of the wrong person to look for your cheese or finding crumbs where there are none. Under today’s circumstances our judgement may need further deliberation or hard evidence to avoid fallibility…by Julian Horack Jasomatinandan Das

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