Mercury in Capricorn under the whip

global_financialWith Mercury in earthy Capricorn for the rest of the month, it’s a good opportunity to organise, plan and schedule our lives, as the mind is more able to add structure, use time-planning and basically run a smooth, results-driven programme, much like a business executive or office planner. The traditional ideas appeal more now and anything tried and tested will resonate more. New experimental ideas may have to wait under this conservative influence. Thoughts may be slower and more carefully thought out, so spontaneous bright light bulbs may be missing, and some may find it a bit boring, but the ability for longer hours of structured thought do have their value in grinding out results, particularly ones that work and that are profitable, and even enhance the reputation in this status-driven sign. Ambitions will drive us to burn the midnight oil, regardless of the fact that it may be holiday season. Long and hard planning can also go into the big festive gathering, for example, where all are invited and the schedule includes a detailed itinerary to be followed with utmost punctuality…By Jasomatinandan Das Julian Horack

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