California terror attack – the new normal

With over 350 mass shootings in America this year alone, according to one report, this latest San Bernardino shooting is just another in a trend which we have become so familiar with that it has become the norm in our world of today. Even though it is horrific, we are being forced to adjust to it as part of the new reality. And whether they are false flag or whether it is a symptom of a jihadi plot against the west, or whether it is the symptom of the weaker links in our social chain or collective psyches buckling under the new pressure being applied to it by unknown forces, still the result is the same. Namely to shock the masses into fear, uncertainty and instability. Under these conditions some will crumble still further. Some will hand over power to the most familiar protective force around – usually the government, or big brother. However, still others will rise to the occasion by taking appropriate evasive or counteractive measures. Only a rare few will simply observe the current world scenario with the eye of a detached transcendentalist, seeing it as the inevitable fulfilment of long -predicted texts.

As to what the appropriate action is in light of the current terror strike just an hour or two from a neighbourhood near you,  it depends on how long term your vision is. If you are thinking of tomorrow then you might pack up and relocate, although we all know that the situation is global. Another person with mid – term vision, thinking of the next few years chose to reinforce the castle and stock up for long -term self -sufficiency, as many peppers are doing to great success. Only those who have their vision set in their eternal life and what is to be attained after leaving this body and planet altogether, will disregard the global unrest and remain focused on the original goal based on their realization of themselves as someone beyond the body.

Since we are not liberated souls, totally beyond concern for our lives and wellbeing, I suggest that we all take seriously the major shift in world politics and security that has occurred in the past few years, observe it’s recent rapid exponential increase, and take it as a sign that things are no longer as they were in our youth, that life has changed irrecoverably for the worse on the security level, even though the exponential – yet precariously delicate – increase in technological advancement uploads like an unfolding mandelbrot fractal. And on observing the changes about us, it is he or she who is the most efficient at adapting their circumstances according to their particular needs, that will go on to not only survive now, but even thrive as they rise to the occasion and meet the challenge as it arises.

As to what the future holds or where this is all going, your crystal ball is as good as mine. It helps though to look at the past, observe the patterns and cycles, as also to not take any action or reaction or report on that action at face value. There may be so much more going on behind the scenes in these acts of terror and the mainstream reportage thereon that only the most discerning can really see through the illusion, through the fog of war to really know what is going on and where it is heading. And one thing is for sure- a pattern from the past seems to be repeating itself but on a greater planetary scale than in our recent history, so the potential outcomes will affect us all. Not only that but no matter how well we prepare, we are entering quite unknown territory so many minds will be better than one, and the more aware and informed we are the better. Failing to plan is planning to fail, as someone once quipped so let’s keep the network open for as long as possible amongst ourselves while being ready for anything, anything under the sun.



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