The new world order after Paris Friday 13th

MIC war profiteersSince the recent Paris terror attack of 13 November 2015, armed military troops are seen on the streets of several EU countries for the first time since WW2. Countries like Belgium and France have placed their danger alert on its highest code red level, with subway transport, schools and football matches shut down in places in fear of immanent attack. The entire psyche of the EU has changed overnight in the wake of the recent attack.

Even collective Schengen zone movement has been reviewed and may be restricted as some countries simply close their borders altogether. There is no longer free movement – originally a tenet of the EU. In other words entire political systems in the free West are reversing overnight and pulling up the drawbridges as the fortress mentality kicks in. At the same time stock prices in major global arms companies are sky-rocketing, even in USA, where retail gun sales are up 30% since this time last year. Pensioners are becoming first time gun buyers. This clearly pleases the military industrial complex based primarily in America. Someone is clearly making a big profit on this recent terror attack which killed over 100 innocent civilians in Paris.

The curious truth is that from the start America and her Middle Eastern allies have been arming and funding the very terrorist organizations – like Al Qaida, etc – under the guise of trying to oust Syria’s leader Assad. Even before that, any intelligent force would have clearly foreseen the executive outcome of their actions when bombing Iraq and then Libya into instability, fuelling the war in Syria, while ignoring the genocide perpetrated by Israel’s apartheid regime just next door. The arms now available to ISIS, the terror group that allegedly attacked Paris, are directly coming from the fallout of Libya, while their military generals are ex-Iraqi staff from Saddam’s army. Besides that, it is obvious that countless refugees from the decimated Syrian towns would have to flee to somewhere, Europe being the clear destination since the certain other Middle Eastern states do little to host them. So this is not all happening only because of some Jihadi enemy bent on conquering the world, or because of some unforeseen circumstances of a necessary war in Syria. The current humanitarian crisis and panic on the streets of Europe have all been engineered by the West, by our own leaders, by America and those corporations who own it, in their clear strategy to boost profits by arming both sides of a war in which you and I are the collateral damage, the ignorant masses who need their consent to be engineered because they are unable to decide for themselves how to run their illusion of democracy. What psychopathic evil runs the elite Council of Foreign Relations, Bilderberg group, Fabian Society and their media propaganda machine, where 5 companies own the entire western world’s media houses?

We are being lied to, our consent engineered, while our freedom is an illusion, where we are duped into believing that our leaders have our best interests at heart. This is the start of just one more chapter in a long historic domination and enslavement by an elite few, modern day aristocratic tyrants disguised as our leaders, while we remain the canon fodder for their demonic ends. Unless we see through the false media propaganda, speak up against this tyranny and become informed and enlightened, more countless civilians from multiple countries will be tormented and victimised in perpetuity, while the elite cull us and crush us into psychological enslavement, spiritual ignorance and moral degeneration. To remain silent while I see this going on before my open eyes, would be to side with these war-mongers, to give them my vote. And so I voice my clarion call to those with the ears to hear, with the glimmer of awareness, so that we may become empowered to shake off the psychological shackles of illusion and ignorance that have been with us for millennia already and see the material world for what it is and what it could be, a doorway to transcendence.


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