New moon sextile Jupiter

TSun Moon conjunctio at cavehis New Moon or Sun conjunct Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday 11 November should – like any new moon moment – allow us to feel a sense of alignment between our inner emotional instincts and our conscious rational mindset. This will of course manifest differently for each of us according to the position of Scorpio in our horoscopes. It may allow us to feel a single-mindedness in our approach to life, and facilitate a serious, deep introspection, self-analysis or desire to purge or eliminate anything unneeded. Just be aware that this is a doubly emotive time, where ones convictions are empowered with the passion of the heart. Also, the desire to destroy, eliminate or purge the old may – in a vulnerable or fragile person – become self-destructive, where we take out these tendencies on ourselves, if they have us feeling overwhelmed, or if the passions simply exceed their normal bounds, as is possible. The need to destroy in order to recreate in any department should be keenly examined with the long term in mind before diving into any irreversible action.

Fortunately the sextile or 60 degree angle to Jupiter by the New Moon duo this time should add a positive and optimistic influence, like the priest awaiting the approach of a marrying couple as they walk up the aisle (with Mercury not too far away as bridesmaid or best man). Healthy, constructive or charitable approaches to life’s affairs will be available. Maybe there are those who could benefit from whatever it is we wish to eliminate or throw out in our desire to purify our lives. Recycling and composting are great metaphors for the phoenix-like “death of the old to make way for the new” paradigm of this new moon. This is a great time to plant any new seeds, whether literal in the garden or of intent in the ether. Jupiter’s influence should bless the initiation or launch so that it can produce and expansive harvest during this coming lunar cycle.


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