Mercury square Pluto

Those who have been following the current combination of Sun and Mercury in Scorpio this month will be interested to know that the very same mood will be intensified as Mercury makes a square aspect to Pluto on Tues/Wed 10/11 November. Pluto is the ruling planet of Scorpio, and so similar intense themes are highlighted.

Keen mental perception, whether extra-sensory or merely deeply researched, can lead one now to uncover secret or even taboo information about pertinent issues. The danger is that we may be inclined to tell it like it is, thus disrupting a hornet’s nest of repercussions swarming about us, like unmanned drones on a Taliban stronghold. Sometimes people just don’t want to hear the naked truth of what’s really going on behind the scenes, for it may force them to face up to death and destruction when they would rather leave it swept under the carpet or buried in the unconscious. Our society very neatly hides its harsher realities in places like abattoirs, morgues and dungeons, and many are simply unprepared to deal with these issues when forced to by circumstance. Yet we all need to take stock of such taboo issues at some point in our lives – issues like our own mortality – a foreign concept for an eternal soul. Otherwise if left unaddressed, things like inheritances and burial wishes become complicated, or even more importantly, we find ourselves unprepared to leave our bodies in the correct state of consciousness.

Pluto detailedOf course there are many schools of thought around that subject, and the upcoming Mercury – Pluto square may inspire some to want to convert the rest to their way of thinking, so watch out for any tendency toward dogmatism, or more urgently fanatical pulpit-thumping. Clerics may think luring unsuspecting converts to their cause of suicidal jihadism is doing the world some good, but unless you practise what you preach, your entire argument is nothing but a lot of hot air, like the mirage seen on a sultry Syrian skyline.


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