It’s all in the mind – how mindset affects your reality

We are all magicians of our own reality. Any master magician will tell you that in order to achieve any spell your primary requirements are intention and attention. And this is what I mean when I say mindset can change your reality. How you perceive the world influences how it will affect you, even if only subjectively to begin with. But eventually I will explain how it can even change your objective reality, literally.

To begin with, for example when you love a person, everything about them is wonderful, yet when you are arguing, every act reinforces your negative opinion of them. So subjectively your world appears changed. Now experiments have also shown that you can even literally change the performance of a class of kids by your expectation of them. Whether a parent or a teacher, your opinion of your kids’ skills has been proven to affect their results and performance for better or worse. (If you want to know more research The Pygmalion Effect.)

As scientists tell us – even mere observation effects the outcome of an experiment. Others might of course say they are just seeing according to their mindset. Since the sixteenth century Paracelsus spoke of the power of the mind in curing illness – or causing it. Just look at the placebo effect, or voodoo. Personal healing is helped by attitude. Particularly Cancer. You’ve probably heard of the mantra “Every day, and in every way, I am becoming better and better.” That’s from the 1920s already. Top sportsmen repeatedly tell us that mental rehearsal of a game works just as well as a physical one, that the muscles actually experience electrical charges in them from thinking it alone. It was Arnie, the “Governator”, five times Mr Universe that said “As long as you can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it – as long as you really believe it 100%.” This is the tenent of faith in religion and God I believe.

Taken a step further there are Indian yogis who can change the temperature of the skin on the hand at will. In the west scientists are beginning to stumble across something similar in Biofeedback, which can enable a person to change their blood pressure, skin temperature and brain activity, as long as they had machines to monitor feedback. Apparently the Matrix 1 movie was right when their 10 year old monk said something like “don’t try to bend the spoon…rather it is only yourself that bends.” This echoes these biofeedback technologists who are saying that you don’t try to change the physiology of the body, but rather find a mental state that produces the required change. Wow, imagine that. Actually it was Einstein who said “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” It’s quite amazing how all these diverse individuals are all pointing a the same thing – making miracles, using mental imagery to change the world.

That we can make magic happen is sometimes only blocked by our own poor self-image, our lack of belief in our own potential. Sometimes we only perceive what reinforces our own self-image or world view. Numerous book have been written – The Power of Positive thinking, The Secret, You can heal your life – reminding us of the power of the mind. They all say set your goal, then imagine having already achieved it, actually see the result. Ideally use the hypnagogic state, between sleep and waking, to implant the visualization. You can even solve problems by handing them over to the unconscious, without a further concern. Whether you need a mental alarm clock, a stop smoking strategy or a way to uplift depression, you have it all in your skull. Even a potentially unlimited memory is yours if you desire. The ancient Vedas were originally memorised without the need for any written word.

So when Lynne McTaggart wrote “The Field” or Deepak Chopra talked about “the field of infinite possibility” they were simply referring to what physicist David Bohm hypothesises, which is that the underlying reality is vibration, frequency, like a hologram. It is only observation that solidifies reality. In subatomic physics objects only have defined position and velocity when observed. When not observed, they can be in any one of infinite possible states – or all of them at once. The mind boggles. Is the mind and universe perhaps one big hologram? Our being conscious of the world forces it to adopt a particular reality. Karl Pribham goes on to argue that the holographic model of reality explains telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, healing and other instances that contravene the laws of space time.

And this bring me back to my exact point, that we construct our own reality, that even transcendental experiences can be explained by the holographic model which causes Jung’s synchronicity, the magician’s magic. Yogis tell us that anything is possible. Some even have access to past, present and future. In other words, it’s all in the mind of the beholder, and the world reciprocates according to our perception of it. Where this is a powerful concern is when entire social trends are affected. For example, if people see impending doom in a country, it arises, especially when reinforced by media. Stanford Research Institute put out the Willis Harman report in 1973 concluding that society moves toward the dominant image propagated by their media and education system. And there are none than know the power of media than our governments and their media mogul lackeys who spin the psyche of society to their will by their mainstream news, so be careful who you hear from. The conclusion is that if humanity is to survive, it is essential to affirm the positive sides of human potential and set society for a positive future.

Reference: The Brain Book, by Peter Russell 1979


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