You are what you eat

This week the World Cancer Association released report saying processed meat and bacon is carcinogenic. No more than 50g a day of normal meat is ok for good health. South Africans (and others) are such big meat eaters that they can’t comprehend such a lifestyle. “But then what do I eat?” they ask. Do they know what a vegetable is? A legume, grain, fruit or nut? I won’t even mention dairy products, since they are a controversial area too. As a vegetarian for over 25 years, it looks to me like ignorance, but it’s just cultural conditioning, a different education, exposure to a different perspective of reality. The uninformed view of reality, as seen by the poor, is that expensive products are to be desired as providing a better quality of life, but this is truly a deluded understanding. It is a tragic misconception of reality, for in fact the opposite is true. Opulent indulgence in meat, processed foods and alcohol is destroying the health and intelligence of the rich. Money does not mean brains. But the poor don’t see that. They are still climbing the ladder to opulence and won’t be detracted from that climb up the table to take their piece of the pie. The only problem is that the pie is rotten. So-called first world diners are already fleeing that table once educated about the actual facts. How do you explain that to the rest? A wise person learns from the experiences of others, but a fool must make the mistakes himself in order to learn, and an idiot will make the same mistakes repeatedly while never learning.

Then there are those educated nutritionists who claim that one must eat meat to not only be healthy, but to also avoid the plot to make us docile by taking meat out of the diet. Well, to them I say: Is an elephant docile? A bull? Of course not, when confronted. But he is a total vegetarian. Entire nations have lived for millennia as total vegetarians, yet you say we can’t be healthy without meat. What kind of logic is this? There is more protein in a rice plus legume dish (considered a complete protein) than in some meat. You are bewildered by your lusty desires of the tongue and belly when you find justification for your criminal indulgences in gross exploitation of life, as seen in abattoirs and chicken ranches. This kind of torture of warm-blooded creatures is criminal. It is a desire for profit – greed – above respect for life. In India cow killing is banned because the rural agricultural history of India has sensitised people to the sentient state of consciousness in their bovine family pets. Now I will not sit down as a docile vegetarian and say nothing when I see this abuse of my fellow planet dwellers. It is common sense to me, it is logical, it is humane, it is civilized to abhor mass slaughter of feeling creatures. I won’t even go into the environmental destruction caused by the mass meat culture.

The solution is to abandon the mass meat and poultry industry and use the same land to plant GM-free grains and vegetables for the people instead. You will use less water for starters. Educate yourselves, but more importantly get a heart. Respect for life is a symptom of human behaviour, it is a symptom of consciousness, but if your consciousness is so dulled by rotten meat and alcohol, what do you expect?


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