The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom

Here is a quote from the author Mark Amaru Pinkham in his book The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom:

The Mayas called their primordial Creator Serpent Huracan, the serpent with the whirlpool body, where from evolved the word hurricane (Horackan – a play on my name Horack). Modern physics also refers to the primal serpent and its whirlpool shape when it asserts that the form taken by subtle energy, the primeval form of matter, is that of a whirlpool or a spiral.

The basis of the whirlpool form of the primal serpent was the geometric spiral

Mathematics, particularly sacred geometry, recognises a spiral to be the primary form of the whirlpool. In mathematical language it also recognises the spiral to be the foundational form of the Primal Serpent. The mathematical constant which determines the spiral, Phi, can be derived by dividing the esoteric value of the universal male principle, 666, into the esoteric value assigned to the universal female principle, 1078,. The result, 1.61, mathematically represents the impregnation of the female principle by the male principle and the creation of the Primal Serpent.

The Serpent on the 4 armed cross symbolising the expansion of the spiralling serpent travelling in all 4 directions.

(Eg swastika of the Vedas?).

The substance comprising the expanding body of the Primal Serpent was energy, the etheric “water” of the cosmic ocean, which is called “Astral fluid,” “Fiery water” and “Life force” “Prana”. Aum the name and vibration of the primal serpent, is sometimes referred to as the pranava, “made of prana”. The Egyptian “Ka”. The letter or sound of K is an archetypal sound syllable of the primal serpent throughout the world. Their fire serpent “Ptah”. The original dragon of the alchemists, Kabalists, Hebrew water of life, …

When the primal Serpent finally reached its full extent of its expansion within the universe, it divided itself into 12 parts which became the 12 signs of the zodiac. Marduk and the serpent goddess of Babylonia creation myth.

Also worshipped as the sphinx Under the sphinx is a tunnel to the initiation ceremony. The sphinx had all 4 animals in him of the zodiac fixed signs. .


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